Thursday Sep 1st: Time to slow down with Slow Streams

You are invited to bring your mind and body to be soothed at Johnston Street Jazz with the first in person performance of Slow Streams with Emily-Rose Sarkova. Until now, Slow Streams has been a video and livestream project.

In March of 2020 the world stopped, and many of us feel anxious, alone, disconnected. Music helps to soothe us. Ambient improvisations on piano and synths become a medicine for our minds at Peppermint Grove Studios. Slow Streams are born. Ambient, improvised music, focused around the piano, that inspires slow breath, reflection and ease. Emily-Rose, despite being well known in Sydney for her accordion playing with groups like Chaika and SICKO, has been playing the piano since age 2, and finds her comfort and solace on the piano stool. This project is a world away from her genre bending songwriting in Emily-Rose and the Wild Things. Slow Streams’ main aim is to help us all slow down.

Please feel free to bring a pillow, blanket and even your pajamas….

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