I’d like to invite you into my world a little more by joining my Patreon community. Patreon is an excellent platform for me to share a whole lot more of my creative things with a specific set of people who just really dig what I do. It’s a kind of ‘micro-patronage’ platform, where folks join up for a few dollars a month subscription and get a bunch of cool perks. Like – behind the scenes videos and information, unreleased music, free downloads of some releases, patron only zoom question and answer sessions, tutorial videos etc. PLUS when I make it to 50 patrons – I’m going to make a patron only album completely based on your requests!

I’d like to take this moment to point out that no days, with the commonplace activity of streaming being how lots of people get access to music, the musicians are really losing out because we aren’t able to rely on selling our music in hard copy form. (Let’s not even talk about Covid and how the Australian arts industry is working at 4% capacity of pre-covid times!). In any case, platforms like Patreon help YOU make sure that you are supporting the artists you love and making their contributions to society sustainable. So – thank you 😀

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