Peppermint Grove Studios

Peppermint Grove Studios is a studio that makes you feel at home, because it is actually based at the home of Emily-Rose Sarkova and Nick Henderson. The studio is situated in Engadine looking out on Heathcote National Park and has a very lovely vegetable garden and pool – excellent for breaks in between recording! The studio is acoustically treated with high quality bass traps, an extensive gear list, in-house engineer running Protools and it is very chill, vibey room to make music in. We think feeling at home in an inspired environment helps to make great music. One of the crowning glories is of course the handmade Shigeru Kawai SK2 Grand Piano.

Like any studios, it’s good to do your research, check it out in person and meet us! The in house recording and mix engineer is Nick and Emily-Rose acts as producer, studio assistant, videographer and client liaison. Scroll down to see pictures and links to gear, rates etc.

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