A New World Order – April 5 – Living from Online

I knew it was coming. The day when live music would be all consumed from an online universe. And I thought that launching a Patreon April 5th would be a good time for me to start slowly building an audience of subscribers who want more of what I do in the music world. It seems now I’m a little late, considering that suddenly with COVID-19 regulations nearly all my gigs, festivals and live music events have been cancelled until at least June. It definitely hurts – especially as I spent my months organising nearly all the tours and gigs myself.

It is a scary environment, but also perhaps the best thing I can do in this time is to be excited about what I can give you all from my home studio. I would love for those interested in what I do in the music world to be part of my launch on April 5th. I’ll be live-streaming a gig from my studio and encouraging you guys to become a Patreon supporter to my online musical world. I’ll also be inviting a small home studio audience to my home to enjoy the concert up close. We may be quarantined by then, or we may just need to practice social distancing.

In any case…

Here is a little cheeky invitation to my online musical world – a very fun video created by Tnee at Raw Mint . He is amaaazinggg.


What do you get from being a Patreon Supporter??


  • Dedicated harmony, improvisation and technique tutorials from my piano with special guests on melodic instruments as well. For example:
  • ‘Harmony Hangs’ – fun ways to re-harmonise melodies with special guest musos. For example: 
  • Late night Live stream – improvised jams with piano, synths and different music friends. Always available as an audio recording post-stream
  • Live stream workshops with interactive questions
  • Downloads of some of my newest recordings
  • ‘How too? For a NOW musician’ – videos on how I’m navigating being a musician in the changing times. Learning how to live stream, home record, produce, tour, social marketing etc.

If you would like to be a Patreon supporter and part of my online musical family it’s just $5 a month for Full Access Pass! And there is also an option if you want me to do personalised re-harmonisations for you. Pop your email below and I will send you all the Patreon details as soon as I launch the page 🙂

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