SEP 20 & 22 Wild Things Double Bill with VENDULKA! + NEW VID :D

Hello out there all the wonderful people caring to read this! I am bursting with excitement for these upcoming gigs double billing with my band Emily-Rose and the Wild Things + VENDULKA. I am excited first of all because the new sound I’ve been chasing after is becoming a reality: Check out my latest video just released of a brand new tune ‘Waking Old’ and you will hear something of the things that have been cooking over the last few months. Secondly because of double billing with such a gorgeous woman and thirdly because of totally rad venues these gigs are going down in.


Starting new things can be a little scary, especially when you are supposed to be calling the shots. I am ever so lucky have been able to ask a few different excellent musicians to try things out with me and I’ve been following my gut to end up with a very cool mix of musicians that will make up the Wild Things for the shows coming up in 2019. Those friends on stage with me will be Chris Stone (Violin AKA Fierce AF Fiddle), Nick Henderson (Electric & Upbright Bass), Luke Chapman (Guitar) and Abby Constable (Drums). I’ll be working my nord keys, microkorg and vocal chords ;). I also want to give a shout out to the beautiful musos who played with me in the early stages of this project James Harris, Carl St Jacques and Chloe Kim (Chloe is featured in the vid above).

Ok so GIGS! ——>

Sep 20th and 22nd will be taking place at venues that are super dear to me. Sep 20th will be at Venue 505 in Surry Hills. I remember the first gigs at 505 when it was an underground venue run from an apartment space at Hibernian House. I feel lucky to have been around at Uni those days and watching Cameron Undy’s 20th Century Dog on a Monday night, drinking BYO beers and eating homemade cake from Kerri. Years later and Cam & Kerri run one of the best live music venues in Sydney. So – ah – if you haven’t been yet, NOW is the time people! If you have, well now is the time to go back for more awesome vibes so getcha tickets HERE

Sep 22nd is going to be at The Rhythm Hut up in Gosford. This place has again, taken many forms over the years and I joined the journey from their venue just previous to the current incredible location. Super close to my heart because it is also home to my bandmate Rendra Freestone (Chaika) and Rhythm Hunters HQ – Rendra’s band that he recently invited me to be keys player in. Well – he introduced me to his Microkorg and now there is no going back! The Rhythm Hut is a community space, a home, a place of learning and a friggin GREAT live music venue. Getcha tix HERE

Which brings me to the tail end of my post – but before I go, the INCREDIBLE woman who is VENDULKA – boy am I looking forward to sharing the bill with her. I met Vendulka when she was a young teen at the Cobargo Folk Festival – the same time as meeting my dear friend Chris Stone who was playing with The String Contingent. Vendulka was a person wildly beyond her years as both a performer and a human, we’ve continued to meet over the years on the folk festival circuit, always having a ball, and it is with such pleasure that I am sharing these gigs with her.

Check out her brand new video for ‘Good Words‘ here:

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