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Hey folks! As a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic, I’m now all setup for ONLINE LESSONS – meaning you can learn from me anywhere in the world! I’m also building a beautiful online community through Patreon, where you can find lots of my own tutorials, music recordings and where you can request me to make content! 🙂 Go to ——> https://www.patreon.com/musicbyemilyrose

Emily-Rose has over 18 years of teaching experience. She has run her own private music tuition from the age of 15 and has taught a wide range of students from 4 years of age up to adults and from beginner level to concert pianist standard. She has run specialised workshops in tango music for all ages, as well as being invited to tutor at music camps in both music and dance capacity and ran a dedicated tango music and dance school in Sydney for 3 years, as well as the largest Argentine Tango Festival in Australia.

She is comfortable teaching a wide variety of styles, but believes in no one method. She believes each individual student needs to have lessons tailored to suit their needs. Emily-Rose’s classroom works on the basis of developing a sound and strong technique alongside a vivid imagination, so that student’s creative minds are able to express themselves freely. Many of Emily-Rose’s students have gone on to study music at university level, won awards in eisteddfods and gained high marks in exams for both AMEB and Saint Cecilia, however exams are not compulsory and are there only for those who wish to take them. Her classroom is open to those wanting to study a range of things: classical piano technique, jazz harmony, songwriting skills, piano accordion, composition and arrangement. She also has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the professional music world which can help guide aspiring musicians through the modern day world of making music, booking gigs, organising tours and self promotion. 

As an accompanist, Emily-Rose is confident both to rehearse and perform with students for their exams, auditions, concerts and HSC – whilst providing proper performance coaching. Emily-Rose also has a lot of professional experience playing in duos with Singers, Strings, Woodwind, jazz & classical ensembles and is available for professional engagements.

Lessons are available on a flexible basis in her home studio in Engadine, online with multiple camera angles and quality audio, or for a travelling fee may be arranged at other locations if possible. She also provides a lot of wonderful tutorials online through her Patreon community which you can join for as little as $5 a month. Check out https://www.patreon.com/musicbyemilyrose.  For information on fees and timetables please call Emily-Rose on 0401432892 or email musicbyemilyrose@gmail.com

What students and parents have said about Emily-Rose

Emily-Rose is a fantastic mentor and teacher. Having known her and been her student on and off for a decade, I can definitively say that without her my musical trajectory would have been vastly different; much less interesting, and much less fulfilling. She takes on a very giving and generous role with her students, and has always encouraged me to seek out opportunities I would have otherwise been too nervous to try. She is the kind of woman who makes her own opportunities and takes charge of her own life, which I have always admired her for. She is incredibly skilful and talented, and learning from her has been and will continue to be an enormous privilege. 

– Ofri Einav, current student in 2nd year university UNSW

‘Emily-Rose is gifted both as a musician and a teacher. Her abundant, deep and diverse knowledge of music means that my children have been privileged to have the foundations of their musical learning enabled by piano lessons with Emily-Rose. As an educator myself, I am conscious of Emily-Rose’s deeply intuitive approach, as well as her battery of skills. It’s a pleasure to witness a teacher of her talents guiding my two children with their very different temperaments and orientations with a patient and responsive approach. Musically, my children are inspired, impressed and amazed by what Emily-Rose knows and can do. As well as learning music, my children are experiencing the inspiring example of a dedicated, creative professional. We all feel exceptionally fortunate and I can recommend Emily-Rose without reserve for her imagination, warmth and impeccable professionalism.’

– Felicity Plunkett (mother of Benjamin and Imogen Hamer)

“Emily-Rose Sarkova has taught our son since he was 10, tentative and barely finding the notes on the keyboard. Under her tuition, five years on, Tim is about to perform an advanced recital of eighth grade pieces. Emily-Rose has consistently impressed us with her understanding of our son’s gentle personality and musical potential, her insightful guidance of Tim’s musical interests and her wise sequencing and teaching of different skill sets. Emily-Rose’s considerable and diverse professional achievements, allied with a passionate commitment to wide ranging musical performances, styles and instruments, has enlarged our son’s own musical vision and ambition. We are grateful for the good fortune that has matched him with such an able teacher and perfomer. From our experience we are confident to commend Emily-Rose to anyone in need of  a gifted teacher and a multi-talented, charming and passionate musician. We also think she’s ‘cool’. ”

Paul and Karen Di Ienno, Parents of Timothy Di Ienno.

‘I have really enjoyed having you as a piano teacher. Despite the short time I’ve known you, I believe you have been one of the most instructive and insightful music teachers I have been taught by. Thank you for teaching me!’

Caroline , Student, 16 yrs
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