International Jazz Woman ??!! Is it all a dream?

I keep having to pinch myself to make sure the upcoming gigs are not all a wonderful dream, because being featured in the Sydney International Women’s Jazz Festival (Emily-Rose and the Wild Things), the night after playing with my ARIA nominated group Chaika, then going on tour with Evergreen Ensemble (released on the ABC music label) and finishing the month with Rhythm Hunters performing in one of the world’s most spectacular cave systems – that just sounds like something only my wildest imagination would conjure up a few months ago – and let’s be honest, putting those impressive words together is a bit of a necessary flex. But here we are… and here are the upcoming gigs!

FRIDAY NOV 15: CHAIKA and BROADLAND TRIO (their album launch!)

SAT NOV 16: EMILY-ROSE AND THE WILD THINGS at Sydney Woman’s International Jazz Festival Foundry 616

SUN NOV 17 – TUES 19: Evergreen Ensemble tour to Burradoo, Braidwood and Canberra for the new album ‘One Hundred Days Away’

SAT NOV 23: RHYTHM UNDERGROUND – Rhythm Hunters in Jenolan Caves + Nicky Bomba & Si Mullumby

I’d also like to mention on this post that I do lots of things that are not these gigs – I’d hate for you to think I’m just living some ultra glamorous gig life. For example… I spend way too much time on computers doing admin, bookings and promo – so part of my job as a musician really is an office job of sorts! I love to grow my own food and am slowly building a fairly sizeable veggie garden and recently I learnt how to bake sourdough and wow – homemade sourdough is pretty darn good. I’ve also driven hundreds of hours over the past few months to make it to gigs that don’t pay me diddly squat money wise – I think I keep doing it because music and the people involved give me a huge amount of positive energy to keep going with this thing we call life.

The last two days though (instead of being able to practice) have been spent madly trying to make my house as fireproof as possible with the ‘catastrophic’ weather forecasts. I already know people who have lost their homes in fires up north and the danger is so real. This is Australia and this is some drastic climate happening at the moment. Stay safe everyone, enjoy life and also importantly – consider every moment a gift and think how you may help future generations with your actions now.


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