Video/Audio Support Material for PPCA/Australia Council


Selection of video samples from work by Emily-Rose Sarkova and work by Jaron Freeman-Fox. Samples in order of appearance:

1: Improvised session with Emily-Rose (accordion) and Jaron (five string violin and effects) in Toronto

2: The Rise and Fall by Emily-Rose performed by Emily-Rose & the Wild Things in Sydney. Carl St Jacques on viola, Nick Henderson on bass, Luke Chapman on guitar, James Harris on drums

3: An Auburn Glow by Emily-Rose performed by Emily-Rose & the Wild Things

4: Lush Life standard performed by Emily-Rose

5: Blue and Sentimental standard performed by Emily-Rose and Luke Chapman

6: Chaika introduction featuring ‘Cedar’ by Emily-Rose and artwork by Emily-Rose

7: Solo moment from ‘Vreme Senvic’ original by Chaika at City Recital Hall Angel place, Sydney.

8: I Monti by Laura Bishop, arranged by Chaika, Emily-Rose on Accordion & voice

9: Clarity by Jaron Freeman-Fox performed by his band The Opposite of Everything

10: Solo cover of Lover in a Dangerous time by Bruce Cockburn, performed by Jaron on violin, voice and pedals.

Audio samples from recent work

Samples in order of listening appearance: In my Garden at Night (composed Emily-Rose with Chaika), Road from Bello (recorded live, by Emily-Rose), Secrets from the Sky (recorded live, co-written Emily-Rose and Luke Chapman), Wisdom (unreleased from Jaron’s new album), Gank (unreleased from Jaron’s new album).

Full videos available on our respective websites if required.

Jaron’s videos:

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