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Rates and what we do

‘Day rate’ denotes an 8 hour day from 10am – 6pm with lunch and short tea breaks inclusive. Good quality tea, coffee, snacks are complimentary when you book a package. Delicious lunch is an optional extra.

THE BASIC – Studio, Engineer and assistant:

This includes full use of all studio gear, Nick to engineer the session, Emily-Rose to assist, snap the occasional studio photo for you, bring you beverages and make lunch (if you choose that as an optional extra).

$500 per day

THE LOT – Production, Studio, Recording and Attended Mix package:

This is a more hands on package that takes some pressure off you and prepares the recording days more thoroughly and includes all edits and mixing of the recordings. We work with you to make sure we know your tracks before you arrive at the studio – because potential hiccups can be fixed before the recording day, rather than finding it out during recording. We work with you to know your tracks and plan together to achieve the ultimate result. We have a spreadsheet that keeps track of all your takes with band member comments, edit notes etc. and mix ideas. This can include a 2 hour pre-recording consultation in the studio where you can bring your band and have a play in the space to aid in decision making regarding recording technique, microphones, dubbing etc. We discuss the tracks and things like potential edit points, best order to record, playing with or without click tracks etc.

This pre-recording meet up also helps us determine whether the project is a ‘base rate’, or if there is going to be extra work/gear required which we will subsequently quote on after the consultation. Deposit must be paid before the pre-recording consultation. For every day of recording it also includes a day of edits and mixing (done at a later date after recording which you can attend). Package also includes up to 2 mix revisions.


The garden saver package

Are you looking to save more coin? We understand – we are musicians too. We also have a large vegetable garden that we often need help with. Offset your studio costs by bringing yourself (and your band) to do a days work in the garden. Every 6 hour day of garden work (with breaks, pool swims and lunch of course!) per recording artist/band takes $150 off your package costs. Includes weeding, planting, shovelling, watering, clearing. Just so you are aware, we don’t have gardening injury related insurance though, so please be aware of your physical limits. We can tee it up with the pre-recording studio meeting as well to save time.

The Other Things You Might Need …

Mix only: Nick’s day rate is $400. Includes 2 mix revisions.

Extra mix revisions (above the 2 included in the package and the mix only) : $50

Lunch: Often made with fresh garden ingredients, a delicious vegetarian lunch. Dietary requirements can be catered for. Curries, salads, toasties with homemade sourdough, omelettes, stir fries, soups, rice-paper rolls, pasta are some of the options. There are a few good options 5min drive into Engadine central, but that does cut out your leisure time in the garden or pool. You are also welcome to order delivery of course. $12 per hungry mouth for the P Grove lunch special 😉

Studio Video: You want a video of a particular song in the studio or a short professional clip for promo? Emily-Rose can do it for you using footage from your session. This needs to be pre-arranged and discussed. Under 4 minutes $400. 4-8 minutes $600

Live Stream: Basic live-stream HD 1080p to one platform (i.e. YouTube / facebook / twitch) 5 hour session. Includes sound, camera, lighting set-up. Can also provide all the stems from audio-recording. You provide the hard-drive. $500

Live in studio concert recorded, with Video and Audio mix: Up to 1 hour and 30 minutes of performance. 5 hour session. $700. Any audio/video revisions $50 per revision request. Video must have studio credits.

Piano Tune: The piano is tuned and serviced twice a year by trusted technicians for Kawai Australia, so is usually in fairly tip top condition. Tuning does move around though, especially in the Australian climate. If you would like to make sure the piano is in absolute tip top condition right before your scheduled recording, then we have to book a tune in advance. Tuning and basic regulation is usually around $230 but also depends on which technician is available.

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