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Based in Sydney, Chaika take their name from the Bulgarian word for ‘seagull’. They create a beguiling and original sound-world, blending 4 female voices with Clarinet, Violin, Piano, Accordion, Double-Bass, Guitar and Percussion.

Chaika are a group whose strength is the elusive nature of their style. At times flashes of Balkan, Jazz, Jewish, Celtic and Italian music emerge; these flashes are interspersed with fluid original compositions to weave a sensuous and unique sound.

They now have 2 albums to their name: ‘Chaika’ (2012) and ‘I Monti’ (2014) and have toured extensively up and down the east coast of Australia.

Like their namesake, Chaika gently wander through foreign lands, through storms and through stories, emerging rich with experience and an enchanting tale to tell.

Words cannot describe how great and unique they really are. Seeing this kind of music produced live was an amazing experience, which we were lucky to witness’ – The Rhythm Hut, Central Coast

“It is easy to be enchanted by the beauty of its four-part harmony vocals…” – Tony Hillier, The Australian

‘Beautiful! I love the way your pieces often abruptly shift gears, and how the textures change – how we’re bopping along with an instrumental when suddenly we’re into four-part female vocals… Most of all I love the soul with which you imbue your pieces’ – Martin Wesley-Smith (Australian composer)

‘Clarinet, accordion, violin and double bass all intertwine diversely and at times unpredictably giving Chaika a rich depth. With vocals sung in a variety of languages, adding further authenticity to the release, one of the most absorbing qualities of the album is its originality. Refreshingly, however, this originality is steeped in traditional music … such a young and talented group of musicians’ –Sammy Al, Musical Director, Eastside Radio.

‘Spellbinding’ – Nick Alias, The Tantric Turtle, National Festival

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